A Year of Challenges

As the year stretches out ahead I’ve set myself a few personal challenges: One of those is to blog regularly. WordPress threw down the gauntlet and has a challenge to post a blog either daily or weekly throughout the year.

I’m taking up that challenge and will blog each week from here until December.

This will be a year of challenges for me.

Beginning in April I’m going back to being a student for a year as I follow a passion for developing applications. I sense a big shift in the way business applications will be delivered in the next few years and as the wave forms I’m waxing my board and getting ready to ride it.

2011 will also be a year of physical challenges: In 2010 I committed to rowing 1,000,000m before the end of the year. By 31 December, despite a broken collar-bone in the middle of the year, I had rowed a very long 1,500,000m.

This year, I’m raising the bar: To reach a lifetime target of 5,000,000m and to complete a 100km row in a single session.

I hope you can drop in from time to time, leave a comment or two, and just maybe glean some inspiration from my year long journey.

From New Zealand and a new year that is already two days old, my best wishes for your own challenges in the year ahead.

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1 Response to A Year of Challenges

  1. K says:

    Those sound like some great goals. Best of luck!

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